Pimentel Enterprises, Inc.
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Committed to Excellence and Customer satisfaction.

About Us

Pimentel Enterprises, formerly RP Construction, is based in southern California. We are a woman owned construction company who provides materials and services for steel stud framing, blocking, insulation, drywall, texture, painting for all interior work including but not limited to steel roof truss installation, exterior structural framing.  As renovation and remodel specialists PE provides turn-key renovations, remodels and repair for any residential and commercial application.

RP Construction was founded in 2007 by Rod Pimentel. With over 15 years in the Construction industry. He has a passion for bringing homeowners dreams to life. His experience and expertise has led him from residential to government work including millitary bases, schools and airports. 

In 2011 Rod and his wife Annemarie decided it was time to take their business to new heights.  They Incorporated and became Pimentel Enterprises, Inc.  A now, Women owned business who is committed to excellence and customer satisfation.
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